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Strife Moba

Sifting through the most recent videos, it seems that there is some info on quite a few of the Heroes we’ll find in Strife. Although we have a few images of various Heroes, we do not have high resolution artwork or screenshots, so I’ll have to use stills from videos (hence the weird perspective and low quality). There are 12 Heroes thus far, all detailed below.

UPDATED: There are now 15 Heroes that are supposedly in the client since the PAX reveal. The newest addition is Bo, a cow-monk. You can refer to this post if which also includes the new updates.

Strife Moba

There are a total of 12 Heroes thus far in the Strife Alpha, each coming from their own realm and part of a deep backstory.


UPDATED. An alien-like hero with a spacesuit (awesome).

  • (Q) Swarm Shot: Vex fires a projectile that slows and damages an enemy.
  • (W) Vorbis Seekers: Vex deals damage in an AoE around him.
  • (E) Anti-Matter Shield: Vex becomes immune to CC.
  • (R) Worm Hole: Vex teleports anywhere on the map, damaging and stunning where he lands.


An elf ranger that uses magic and crows to do his bidding.

  • (Q) Grappling Hook: Shoots a hook from Rook; the first terrain (rock, tree, object) hit lets Rook pull himself to it.
  • (W) Hide, Then Seek: An invisibility skill that lasts 1.5 seconds. After the duration, Rook deals damage to the closest nearby enemy.
  • (E) Murder of Crows: Shoots a wave of crows that deal damage.
  • (R) Deliverance (R): Fires a projectile that travels across the map, stunning the first enemy it hits.


UPDATED. A young boy with a trusty dragon (Zidek?) steed.

  • (Q) Breath of Oracles: Deals damage in a cone and Bastion gains bonus gold for kills.
  • (W) Zidek Charge: Bastion charges forward, stunning and damaging enemies he hits.
  • (E) Golden Bracers: Bastion summons an AoE shield and grants damage reduction for himself.
  • (R) The Chosen One: Deals damage after a delay and slows enemies around him.


UPDATED. Not too sure; seems to be two characters (one riding the other).

  • (Q) Rocket Barrage: Fires long range rockets that deal damage.
  • (W) Yak Attack: Carter spits vomit that slows and damages enemies.
  • (E) Fire Crackers: Carter lights enemies on fire and increases the power of his other abilities.
  • (R) Grand Finale: Carter unleashes a large explosion in a cone in front of him.


A pirate chick that uses explosives/fire.

  • (Unknown): Deals extra damage on auto attacks (?)
  • (Unknown): Drops a ship’s anchor from the sky, dealing damage and stunning enemies in a circle.
  • (Unknown): Can jump a short distance. Unsure of effects. Might be paired with augmented auto attacks.
  • (Unknown): Drops a barrel that spreads liquid on the ground, then catches afire dealing damage.


A (small, cute, and fluffy) mad scientist.

  • (Q) Spider Mines: Drops stealthing mines. Damage the first enemy that hits them.
  • (W) Energy Field: Generates an energy shield that damages and stuns enemies that attempt to pass through.
  • (E) Grenade Launcher: Enhances his auto attacks with bonus damage.
  • (R) Bombardment: Creates a large explosion after a delay, dealing damage in a radius.


UPDATED. A rat (I think?). Not much more on this front. Has an array of heavy weapons.

  • (Q) Cheesy: Deals damage and slows enemies in an AoE.
  • (W) Piercing Shot: Auto-attacks sometimes damage enemies behind the target in a line.
  • (E) Dead Eye: Increases auto-attack range and deals additional damage passively.
  • (R) Rocket Jump: Vermillion damages and stuns enemies near him and pushes him backwards.



An electric kitty!

  • Z Zap: Deals single target damage to an enemy.
  • Ball Lightning: Deals damage in a line.
  • Astral Winds: Increases Moxie’s damage and spell range.
  • Catastrophe: After a delay, deals damage to enemies in an AoE and slowing them.


UPDATE. A bruiser type character with an ice theme and an axe.

  • (Q) Spincicle: Ace spins, dealing damage to enemies around him.
  • (W) Avalanche: Leaps to a target, slowing the target and dealing damage.
  • (E) Frostbite: Ace summons ice shards around him that slow and damage enemies that get too close.
  • (R) Ace in the Hole: Ace deal heavy damage to a single enemy, healing him if he kills them.


Lady Tinder

A character with a plant theme.

  • (Q) Bindwood: Fires a vine that pulls and enemy to her and stuns them.
  • (W) Nature’s Judgement: Summons an orb that bounces, healing allies or damaging enemies
  • (E) Stonebark Shield: Shields an ally with a shield, absorbing damage.
  • (R) Nature’s Child: Summons a large plant that damages enemies but is immobile.


Looks like a storm caster.

  • (Q) Whirlwind: Fires a gust of wind that damages and stuns enemies in a line.
  • (W) Dark Storm: Summons a storm that damages enemies in an AoE, slowing them.
  • (E) Golden Gate: Click and drag to create a gate that is impassable for a duration.
  • (R) Thunderbolt: A high damage, single target spell.


Another high-tech character from Vardis.

  • (Q) Phase Strike: Teleports behind a target to deal bonus damage and giving her attack speed and movement speed.
  • (W) Charged Spear: Damages a single enemy and reduces their movement speed.
  • (E) Shield of Vorbis: Passively gains a stacking shield whenever she uses an ability.
  • (R) Phantom Strike: Deals damage to a single target, but more damage if she attacks from behind the target.

Bo (New)

A cow-monk. Is said to be an agressive tank.

  • (Q) Bo Throw: Throws his staff, slowing and damaging enemies in a line.
  • (W) Inner Rage: After a delay, Bo deals damage around him, stunning enemies around him as well.
  • (E) Tranquility Totem: Bo summons a healing totem, healing allies in range.
  • (R) Bull Rush: Bo dashes in a line, damaging enemies and pushing them back along with him.


When I have the time, I’ll do some further investigation on skills and such. Hopefully one post per Hero (if I can find enough information on each).

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  • Dwayne Raedhen says:

    Among all the heroes, I like Moxie the most. The skills work well with each other. For the physical looks, I like Vex’. I’m looking forward to posts like this in the future.

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