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S2 Games Hosts Clean Drinking Water Initiative for Philippines

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Our hearts go out to the victims of Haiyan, one of the most powerful storms ever recorded. The Philippines were hit the hardest by cyclone Haiyan, winds and massive storm surges resulting in thousands of deaths while leaving millions without clean drinking water, food, electricity, and other basic needs. In the wake of this tragedy, S2 Games has begun a relief fund that aims at purchasing AquaPails: water filtration systems that help provide drinkable water for part of the population. Read More

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World of Strife’s Exclusive Interview with S2 Games

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The folks at S2 Games were kind enough to accept my interview and answer some fairly quick questions. Altogether there were five questions, each one answered by a different member of the team working on Strife (Chad LaForce, Jesse Hayes, Kevin Carpenter, Pu Liu, and Douglas Houserman). I’m quite happy with the in-depth answers, and I’m sure you’ll find them insightful. In addition to thanking the S2 team for the wonderful response, I would also like to give a big thank you to Kevin ‘Sell’ Carpenter for directing and managing the whole interview process, as well as the S2′s PR dept for processing it all on a rather timely schedule. Read More

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S2′s 2nd Video Blog: Lore and Creative Development

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While the general idea for MOBA lore today is to build the story around an pre-developed game, S2 has strongly urged that Strife is taking the opposite route. Instead, Strife will be built with the game’s lore as a focal point, dictating everything from how the map is detailed to the various Heroes that train and battle within it. Tim Shannon and Chad LaForce provide some great insight on the idea of building a world, not just a game. Read More

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CGF to Host Strife for First Time in Asia

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It seems that S2 is getting some work done early. Their first event in Asia, where Strife will be both demonstrated and playable, will be at the annual Campus Game Fest in Singapore during October 4-6. On October 5th, Wee Tian Beng (the creator of The Celestial Zone and currently the one working with S2 on Strife’s comic) will be available for comment, signing, and discussion as he is showing off his newest work in collaboration with S2 Games.  Read More